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Deak Trans was founded in 1999. In the first few years, our activity was international freight transport and then we gradually swicthed to wood processing, as the lack of quality raw materials for furniture production indicated that there was a need for manufacturers who could produce reliable materials.

So in 2004 we started the production of raw material for the furniture and the construction industries. Over the years, we have managed to achieve a reliable quality that supports the production of both quality furniture and building material. At the same time, our company is already FSC certified.

With a team of 30 employees, Deak Trans is currently producing raw material of hard wood (beech, oak) for the furniture industry and raw materal of pine for constructions: rafters, beams and planks. Our main goal is to produce quality furniture and building materials.

We can take customized individual orders as well, so we can satisfy anyone’s needs on the market.
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Our services

Raw material for furniture making

We make quality raw material for furniture from the following wood types: beech, oak and pine. We work with first and second class semi-dry and green timber, between 2 and 4 meters long. These are prefabricated elements. The final product is semi-finished.

Building material

We make building materials from beech, oak and pine. At the same time, our raw material is excellent for building stairs, terraces and roofs. We also produce beams, rafters, roof battens and formwork timber. The length of the beams we produce is max. 11 meters.

Individual orders

We take individual orders, on request. Do not hesitate to ask for series products from our colleagues.

Fence elements

We produce fence elements from oak and pine wood. The finished elements are delivered ready-cut and sanded.

Raw material for pallets

We produce the necessary raw material for all sizes of pallets. We deliver the product to order and size.

Custom orders

If you wish to order individual, custom-made pieces, please contact our colleagues and we will manucature the desired item based on the agreement.

Custom orders

If you are thinking of carrying out a larger project and you are missing the wooden raw material, do not hesitate to contact us. We will create a customized offer and a quote depending on the size of the order.

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Our team


R. F.
Manager, Reif Saw Mill SRL

We strongly recommend the sc. Deak Trans srl. company for possible future collaborations, because it has proven that it can work in full respect of partners.

P. L.
Supply manager, Nikmob SRL.

We confidently recommend the sc. Deak Trans srl. company for any auspicious collaboration and common benefits

Our partners

SC Nikmob SA

SC Reifsaw Mill SRL

SC Novalems Invest SRL

SC Monoradas SRL

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